Real Estate

Golden   Choice's    real    estate    division is
headquartered in Chennai, India.
It has been a
prominent leader in Real Estate division since 1989.
Since its inception, Golden Choice has created a
niche for itself by pioneering some of the finest real
estate projects in the country.

The company has proven its capability to successfully
take on challenging projects. Diverse projects bear
the Golden Choice name and this reflects the

versatility of the company in handling its current projects as well as those of the future. 8 million square feet
are currently under development and this is likely to increase to 20 million by the year 2010. Golden Choice is
expanding its operations to other cities also.

The rapid growth of the Indian economy over the past few years has been reflected in the growth of the
real estate sector. There has been a sudden surge in the real estate sector in Chennai with property prices
escalating and a sudden spurt in the development of residential and commercial complexes. The sector has
delivered better returns than most other local investment alternatives, as well as global real estate markets.
Yet investment in the sector has been relatively high-risk, owing to the lack of professional players.

Our Organization offers investors a low-risk opportunity to benefit from India's continuing real estate boom.
We have recorded exponential growth year-on-year since inception. This has come about due to our profes-
sional approach, emphasis on quality, attention to detail and knowledge of the real estate sector in India and
Chennai. We are committed to maximizing returns for our stakeholders.

We do not promise miracles, but we deliver high returns.