Golden Choice Retail is one of India's fastest growing multi-format retailers in India.Golden
Choice's focuses on verticals like food and grocery,fruit and vegetables, home and office
essentials, toys, food and personal care, music and books. Established in 2006, Golden Choice has
become a popular destination for shoppers catering to various shopping needs of its large
consumer base.


The company operates through the following formats:

•  Golden Choice is a popular destination where we offer everything under
one roof. The merchandise ranges from fruits & vegetables, processed
foods (Ready to Eat, Ready to Cook, FMCG products),specialty foods
including international, sugar free, organic foods, etc.....groceries,meat,
chicken, fish, bakery, chilled and frozen foods,home care, home decor &
home needs, soft toys. Besides, the stores also comprise Children books &
music retailing.

•  Golden Choice in retail is a typical neighborhood store with more than 3000 sq. ft in area. We stock
the necessary range and assortment of fruits and vegetables, FMCG food and non-food items, staples
and frozen foods and cater to the daily and weekly top-up shopping needs of the consumer. We also
offer home care products;personal care products, bakery, chilled and frozen food;baby care etc.,